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How BibBoards Works

BibBoards have a flat surface on the exposed side for company logos or other content. A second piece works by pushing part of a racer’s shirt into a recess, providing a secure fit. When the race is over, they pop off. BibBoards can be reused, and their special shape holds down a bib MORE secure than dangerous safety pins, without the fuss or holes.

BibBoard Instructions

If the bib does not have holes, make holes or slits 1 inch from the corners with a pointed object e.g., a pen tip or a knife. The stud pushes the fabric through the clip locking the stud and racing bib in place.


Push front piece stud through race bib hole


Snap back piece onto stud from the inside of the shirt, fastening the shirt and bib in between the two pieces.


Repeat in all four corners of bib.

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